Anne Poulsen
Director, United Nations World Food Programme


January 9 2020, SVENDBORG Attendees at Blue Tech Cluster’s next conference on March 4, 2020 will have the opportunity to gain central insight into one of the world’s major issues at hand, namely food insecurity and barriers to restricted access.

This opportunity is created because Blue Tech Cluster can announce that Anne Poulsen, Director of the United Nations World Food Program’s Nordic Office, will speak to the Blue Tech Cluster’s conference, which will be held at the Conference Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg.

Thus, Blue Tech Cluster is taking a continued step to highlight the synergies of innovative development with utilizing ocean resources. The food sector is considered by scientists to be able to greatly exploit and benefit from the sea’s untapped potential.

“70% of the globe is covered by water, yet today only 5% of the world’s resources are utilized, primarily in the form of fishing. This is partly because the traditional feed and food industries are not aware of the innovative possibilities in the many resource potentials, and partly because the area has not received political attention. With the conference on March 4, we focus on the synergies between Agro-, Food- and BlueTech to create innovation that can eradicate hunger”, says Lasse Holm, Cluster Director at Blue Tech Cluster.

The UN World Food Program has a central focus on finding innovative ways to meet the UN’s main objective of enabling food security to all. This is done, for example, by looking into new technologies that can benefit the entire value chain.

“The World Food Program under the UN is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, which provides humanitarian food assistance during disasters and works long-term with communities to build resilience and food security. The number of hungry people in the world is rising for the third year in a row. Innovation is therefore more important than ever to reach a world without hunger by 2030. We work centrally with entrepreneurs, startups, private companies and organizations through the WFP’s Innovation Accelerator. Here we identify, support and develop solutions to global hunger”, says Anne Poulsen, Director of the United Nations World Food Program’s Nordic Office.

Enabling food security is one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals set by state and government leaders at the UN General Assembly in 2015. From 1990 to 2015, it has succeeded in reducing the number of hungry people in the world by over 200 million. But since then the number has risen again year after year. This is partly due to the growing number of elongated conflicts and partly to climate change. This is an alarming development, which means that there is an urgent need to urge more investment and spread investment diversity on more innovation genres, if the goal is to be achieved, says Anne Poulsen.

“We work continuously to find new and more effective ways to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. Whether it is the use of drones or cell phones to collect data from inaccessible areas, cash transfers with electronic payment cards, iris scanning as a means of payment, use of hydroponics to grow vegetables or animal feed in barren areas, or an app to help fishermen in Sri Lanka to improve their catch. In this work, both the public and private sectors are important allies”, says Anne Poulsen

These perspectives and many more can be experienced when Anne Poulsen speaks at the Blue Tech Cluster conference on March 4, 2020 in Svendborg. Tickets can be purchased at the innovations networks website and on Billetto.dk.


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