Pilot of Blue Tech Cluster was a success

BlueGrowth and BlueTech are in high demand when it comes to identifying companies’ innovative future. That is the summary after hosting the pilot of Blue Tech Cluster conference, which achieved an evaluation rating of 97.8%.


On August 15 2019, the BlueGrowth innovation network, Blue Tech Cluster, held its first innovation conference. The conference took place at Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg and had participants from both domestic companies and international. Following the conference, the conclusion is clear – the Blue Tech Cluster conference is relevant and in demand.

The topic of this first conference of its kind, was a perspective on how we can utilise the ocean as the innovative resources beneath the surface, to create new and better products that have sustainability in mind. As the two entrepreneurs behind the conference states it, Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen and Lasse Holm, the sea is full of resources that are not being utilised effectively to create new and better products.

Among the speakers to put focus on just this were Lise Honsinger from NotPla, who has developed an alternative to plastic packaging using seaweed, Louise Lerche-Gredal from Plastic Change, Timothy Wallace from the world’s most sustainable company in 2019, Novozymes and Michael Nielsen from Aliga Microalgae.

All Seats Filled

The conference was a test to see if there were interest in the area, who it was interesting for, as well as what a proper format would be. The attendance was great. There were 45 seats available at this first pilot conference and tickets where quickly sold out as the program was published.

Feedback from the participating parties, who included Carlsberg Research, Chr.Hansen, Novozymes, Spring Nordic Venture Capital, University of Southern Denmark and DTU, were extremely positive. With a total evaluation rating of 97.8/100 based on content, topics, set-up and participant composition, there is reason to continue assesses Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen, Mission Commander in Rocket57, the organisation behind the non-profit conference, Blue Tech Cluster.

“We are pleased that there has been great interest in seeking inspiration in the ocean’s resources. In Denmark and the Nordic region in general, we have a very good opportunity to position ourselves among the leading growth centers for BlueGrowth and BlueTech. Especially because we have a long coastline and in Denmark, also 2.4 times more sea area than land area. We just do not use it, yet. Blue Tech Cluster should be the place where you are inspired to innovate and find partners for your projects and startups. All with a commercial focus, where it is about creating business opportunities and move the status quo.”

An Ideal Base To Develop Upon

The pilot of the conference showed that there is room for improvement, but in its entirety it was satisfactory. Therefore, the organisers put forward that the conference are to be a recurring event, with two annual conferences, a broad inspirational speaker program with national and international experts, as well as with key topics with synergy with other sectors, including agriculture, the food sector, the energy sector and healthcare sector and others.

The UN Takes The Stage

Already now, Blue Tech Cluster can announce several speakers for the next conference, which will be held at Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg on March 4, 2020. The topic of the second conference will discuss how BlueGrowth innovation and circular bioeconomy can improve food security in the world’s most vulnerable areas and create sustainable consumption patterns. Jens Legarth from Fermentationexperts, Morten Limborg from HoloFood, the United Nations and The World Food Program are already confirmed among the speakers.

Read more about the next conference on Blue Tech Cluster’s website: http://bluetechcluster.com/conference/


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