Most frequent questions and answers

A great question. Blue Tech is a definition covering all technological applications with relation to the sea – above and below. Often Blue Tech is highlighted in connection with the biotechnological sector, where each domain has its own color; green is agriculture, red is pharma and blue is marine and freshwater.

Blue Growth on the other hand, is the long term strategy proposed by the European Commission to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole. It covers all relevant sectors such as ocean energy, coastal tourism, aquaculture, biotechnology and seabed mining. Our definition also entails all relevant technologies in between, from ressource scouting to extraction and finished consumables.

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Blue Tech Cluster’s logo consists of two connected triangulars. One triangular rising upward on the vertical aixe, the other dimensionally positioned on the horisontal aixe.

Each corner of the logo represents a stakeholder of the Cluster. Represented on the vertical triangular are Industry, Researchers and Investors. The horisontal and distorted triangular represents the startup community that varies in size, type and innovation level.

The blue and green gradient represents the technological transfer between ocean and land.

Yes, Blue Tech Cluster is a non-profit initiative. All surplus revenue generated is being reinvested in Blue Tech Cluster to create more and better content for its members and the community as a whole.

Blue Tech Cluster hosts two semi-annually conferences every year. Usually these are located late winter (Q1) and late summer (Q2).

Blue Tech Cluster facilitate various matchmaking opportunities to where you can connect with likeminded peers.

You can meet everyone from the corporate CEO, the early-stage investor to the lead faculty researcher, technology engineer and entrepreneur. You can also get to shake hands with our keynote speakers who come from all over the world to share their visions and intriguing perspectives.

No, it is not required. But it will bring you benefits to be a member. Amongst the benefits are membership ticket price, opportunity to affect the program of each conference and access to additional offers and benefits.

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