before your prime target audience

Whether you’re a world leading corporation or a novel startup, the Blue Tech Cluster members seek to be inspired. This is your chance to stand out.

Why Exhibit
at Blue Tech Cluster?

Industries across the globe are seeking to be in front of the innovative development. At Blue Tech Cluster, we gather the leading founders and executives of technology and fast-paced startups, political change-makers, investors and researchers to ask: how can we utilise the blue future best possible? As an exhibiting partner, you can help extend that question and take part in finding the answer.

Who you'll meet

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Industry Frontrunners

The innovative industry looking for inspiration on how they increase their impact, improve their business, products and services.

Visionary Investors

Private investors, business angles and venture capitalists seeking inspiration for their next impact investment.

Knowledgable Researchers

The knowledgeable academia with great and detailed knowledge looking for partners with who they can commercially apply their findings with.

Startup Pioneers

Experienced and new entrepreneurs looking for collaborators and partners that can grow their novel ventures.

Governmental Change-makers

Policy-makers seeking to be gain insight into trends of time and to find new areas of expertise their regions and countries can benefit from.

Student Talent

The next generation of world-conquering minds and talent who seeks to find inspiration for their post-graduate careers or partner up in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Connect with us to get your tailored package

Once we have received your request, our team will reach out to you to get more details about your requirements so that we can be the best package for you. Our team can also answers any questions you might have.