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We work to bridge industry, research, investors, startup ecosystems and politicians so that more research can be utilised and capital can be attracted to industry players and startups. Together we make blue business, good business.

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Blue Tech Cluster is Europe's leading Blue Growth innovation network, bridging Industry, Research, Investors and startup ecosystems to support the commercialisation of valuable Blue Growth research and ideas. The network is the go-to-place for everyone looking for a source of inspiration for new sustainable products or technologies - one entry, regardless of your knowledge level on Blue Growth.

Lasse Holm, Cluster Director
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A mission to foster more Blue Growth Innovation

Our mission is to create and help the next generation of blue growth entrepreneurs and provide the ultimate forum for tech scouting and matchmaking between industry partners, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and political frameworks, while also creating synergies to relating industries.
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A global vision to fuel collaboration

How come we do not utilise the oceans ressource at a greater extend and more sustainable than we do today?! We strive to enable more utilisation of research and innovative ideas for cross-industrial benefit. We do so by creating the dedicated global forum and a one-entry point for everything Blue Growth to where active industry-, research-, investor- and startup members can share their ideas visions, knowledge and engage in collaborative networking.
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We seek to unite everyone engaged with or interested in the Blue Economy and Blue Growth. Thus, we put great effort into enhancing the link from the often research-based niche and making it relevant for the commercial industry and investors. This way, we make blue business, good business.
The innovation network is membership-funded but non-profit. Our main focus is to facilitate knowledge sharing sessions, collaboration and match-making opportunities between members with shared impact goals. Hence, the network and conferences are developed in close partnership with our members, making content of outmost relevance.
Blue Tech Cluster was launched in 2019 by the startup accelerator, Rocket57. The network was created as an attempt to enhance the synergies in the space of Marine and Biotechnological innovation. Yet, we soon discovered the synergies extended far greater and to other industries, such as agriculture, food, energy, robotics, healthcare, cosmetics, fashion, pharma and more.

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The ocean can be a beneficial ressource in solving some of the biggest challenges we experience today and will in the future. We therefore provide the leading knowledge sharing platform, on how the ocean’s ressources with synergies to Agrotech and Foodtech, can help solve these challenges.

Let’s make the difference, together!